Fictitious futures, virtual development and visual language

Hypothetical development, design fiction and The Noun Project. Three ideas that are about construction and design, but not in a bricks and mortar, or ink and paper kind of way.

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  1. Fictitious futures, virtual development and visual language

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  2. Fictitious futures, virtual development and visual language

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  3. Fictitious futures, virtual development and visual language

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  4. Fictitious futures, virtual development and visual language - RN Future Tense - 1 September 2011

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  5. Future Tense: Design Fiction

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  1. Design Fiction by Britt Wray (from PRX)

    What does it mean to design technology that doesn’t exist…yet? This type of design exists, and it takes its inspiration from Science Fiction. They call it…Design Fiction.

    This story is about how design fiction imagines and shapes future technologies, featuring transmedia futurist Trevor Haldenby and engineer/philosopher Julian Bleecker.

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  2. A Design Fiction Evening, with Julian Bleecker, James Bridle, Nick Foster, Cliff Kuang and Scott Paterson

    Last October we gathered for a Laboratory day retreat and decided — so long as we’re all together — why don’t we make a thing of it. So, we arranged to do an evening’s gathering with our friends at IDEO. Scott Paterson from IDEO facilitated our way into IDEO’s splendid waterfront facility. We brought beer, IDEO brought beer, we had lots of beer and, most importantly, we shared with our audience some perspectives on Design Fiction. Our friend Ed Finn from Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination helped us set the metaphorical table. Sharing thoughts were Julian Bleecker, James Bridle, Nick Foster and Cliff Kuang from Wired facilitated the conversation.

    It was “delightful”, as the kids are fond of saying nowadays. But, more delightful than the most delightful UX. Properly delightful in the way that a gathering of humans in a room can be delightful. A gathering to think, debate, discuss and laugh. Like a salon. We will be hosting more of these around the globe, as our Bureau of Delightful Design Fiction Evening Events spins-up and makes it Napoleonic plans.

    Audio rip, original here:

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  3. Cheer me up, Scotty - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Project Hieroglyph is an initiative that aims to break science fiction writers’€™ addiction to the negative. Ed Finn, Director of the Center for Science and Imagination at Arizona State University, explains why positive science fiction stories are important for our future.

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