UAVH – H.L. Mencken, Scopes Trial 06-29-1925, Homo Neanderthalensis


Welcome to the first installation of an ongoing series of reports on the Scopes Trial in Dayton Tennesee in 1925, exactly 85 years ago! The trial was the first in the US to be broadcast on the radio. Those recordings no longer exist, but we will be releasing a podcast every day that Mencken published an article in the Baltimore Sun. Relive the trial in real time through the words of one of America’s greatest and most prolific writers.

June 29th – Homo Neanderthalensis July 9th – Sickening Doubts About Publicity July 10th – Impossibility of Obtaining Fair Jury July 11th – Trial as Religious Orgy July 13th – Souls Need Reconversion Nightly July 14th – Darrow’s Eloquent Appeal July 15th – Law and Freedom July 16th – Fair Trial Beyond Ken July 17th – Malone the Victor July 18th – Genesis Triumphant July 20th – Tennessee in the Frying Pan July 27th – Bryan Sept. 14th* - Aftermath *Will be released by July 30th.

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