This Developer’s Life - 1.0.7 Audacity

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  1. 1.0.7 Audacity - This Developer’s Life

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  2. This Developer’s Life - 1.0.7 Audacity

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  3. This Developer’s Life - 1.0.7 Audacity

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  4. This Developer’s Life - 1.0.7 Audacity

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    We are on the precipice of a new age in independent gaming, with more options than ever before for developers at every level to bring their dreams to life and share them with a public that is ravenous for new and innovative ideas. Stop focusing on all of the challenges that exist for indie developers in the world of big budget sequels, and explore the enormous user-generated content opportunities available to anyone interested in game design. Whether your goal is to make millions, or just get your ideas out into the world, this panel has something for you.

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  2. This Developer’s Life - 1.0.1 Getting Fired

    I talk to 2 developers in this episode, and toss in a story from myself at the end:

    The first story comes from Sara J Chipps a Microsoft developer who lives on the East Coast.

    The second story comes from Oren Eine (Ayende Rahien) about what life as a prison commander in Israel taught him about his career.

    And finally there’s me (Rob) - talking about the "Coyote Contract" that was doomed to fail. So I gnawed off my own reputation to get out of it.

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