Interview with Layne Redmond

Interview with Layne Redmond

Layne Redmond’s unusual path focuses on the hand-held frame drum, the world’s oldest known drum. For fifteen years, she researched the history of this drum in religious and healing rites in the ancient Mediterranean world culminating in her book, When The Drummers Were Women. Layne has been featured in many music festivals including the Touch Festival in Berlin, Seattle Bumbershoot Festival, the Institute for Contemporary Art in London, Tambores do Mundo in San Luis, Brazil, as a soloist at the World Wide Percussion Festival in Salvador, Brazil. Her recordings include: The Wave of Bliss, Invoking the Muse, Trance Union, Since the Beginning, and she has two instructional videos: Rhythmic Wisdom and A Sense of Time.

Layne speaks with Joanna about her music…and the spiritual tradition of women drummers and her resurgence today / yoga of sound / the ancient Mysteries / Kashmir Shaivism: Doctrine of vibration / musical experiences in Brasil, Cyprus…


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