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  1. Mondo Diablo Episode 369: Jonathan Winters and the Prince of Darkness.

    As you’ve probably heard, Jonathan Winters passed away April 11. This is my tribute to him.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 11 months ago

  2. Mondo Diablo Episode 320: Look Around You!

    Enjoy this week’s podcast for its informative, educational nature. Learn about the world from the perspective of REAL science, from REAL BBC actors portraying scientists. Look Around You!

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 2 years ago

  3. Mondo Diablo Episode 307: Everything You Know is Firesign

    Throwing in some irreverent humor to break the seriousness and remind everyone that Easter was always more about bunnies and sex goddesses that it ever was about Jesus. Sure, Easter is about birth, and maybe even rebirth, since it’s in the spring. Yeah, rebirth of vice that nobody gave up for Lent anyway. 40 days of guilt over succumbing to temptation is half of the religion, I guess, and Easter is just another carrot on a stick for an ass.

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  4. Mondo Diablo Episode 281: Dear Friends

    Enjoy the Firesign Theatre from 1970, from the show "Dear Friends."

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 3 years ago

  5. Hour of Slack #1275 - 13X-Day Special #4: Mutants Vs. Normals

    This episode sports 46 separate tracks, many of them from a live stage Hour of Slack at 13X-Day with Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond, Pope David Lee Black and Rev. Ivan Stang, and some from the best live music of 13X-Day, including a firey Munky Hyv segment. We also proudly premiere a moving new bluegrass "Bob" hymn by The Mutant Mountain Boys, a disturbing song by the son of Stang, and a fistful of collages by The Large, Fernandinande LeMur, Heart Ignition and others. But the real headline act of this episode is author Rev. Ramona Back It On Up 13 reading one of her famous Fairy Tale Friday stories. SubGeniuses go head over heels for her naughty but heady metaphorical parables.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 3 years ago

  6. Hour of Slack #1274 - 9-11 & The Raging Yahoos of Yahoo.com (live), 9-12-2010)

    Many of the Pinks who post comments after the news articles on Yahoo.com News are so dense and agitated as to make SubGeniuses look like even-tempered geniuses. For the week building up to 9-11, Rev. Stang copied the dumbest, craziest and angriest from that raging peanut gallery into a giant text file. For this show, he and Princess Wei read aloud from the best-worst of these yahoos of Yahoo, in various character voices, phonetically (to capture the amazing spelling of modern Americans). NONE OF THE COMMENTS ARE INVENTED. All are real. Lonesome Cowboy Dave comments on the comments; collages by LeMur, Pref, Heart Ignition, The Large and Hazel of the Windmills bracket the live section. This show was originally broadcast on WCSB (Cleveland) on September 12, 2010.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 3 years ago

  7. Mondo Diablo Episode 272 is Bacchanalia Part IV: The Death of Some Guy

    We end this Opus with the story of PDQ’s actual composing period, his relationship with Prince Fred and his cousin, Betty-Sue Bach, his death and burial, and finally, an interview of Peter Schickele, the discoverer of PDQ, by Tom Snyder. I can only hope, in some small way, that these podcasts aided in bringing the truth about J.S. Bach’s last and least son to the internet public.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 3 years ago

  8. Mondo Diablo Episode 271 is Bacchanalia Part III: Oedipus Tex

    This week, we see PDQ form a relationship with Prince Fred, and embark on a journey towards Wein Am-Rhein, where he will begin a musical career. We also hear from his unique musical instruments, and hear the opera, "Oedipus Tex."

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 3 years ago

  9. Mondo Diablo Episode 270 is Bacchanalia Part II: The Soused Period

    I guess my math skills are pretty bad. There are FOUR installments to this Bachstravaganza, and this one brings us to about half done. Thank your lucky stars.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 3 years ago

  10. Mondo Diablo Episode 269 is Bacchanalia Part I: The Last and Least

    Welcome to the first part of a big three-parter!

    I have enjoyed Peter Schickele and his disovery, P.D.Q. Bach for, garsh, 25 years at least, for "Bob’s" sake. Funny I haven’t shared much with you yet. well, not so funny (yes, so funny). All of my music is on vinyl. So, I had to do an epic search and and epic emptying of my bank account to get some non-scratchy stuff. Of course, some of the scratchy stuff is inevitable. I listened to it a lot, because I was a nerd. A big nerd. I used to sing some of this stuff in school, because I knew people would have no idea what I was doing. And of course, they didn’t give a shit, either. No worries.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 3 years ago

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