Mondo Diablo Episode 365: The Rise and Fall of God

This week’s content comes to us from, from the DJ/collage artist Defenestrator III (look for his tag on the posts there). In honor of the great work he does for the collective, or whatever you would call the folks at Everything is Terrible, I will now be posting all my podcasts in 160 kbps. I don’t think 82 megabytes is that much for most casual computing. It may put a bit of a strain on my cloud storage, but I think it’s the right thing to do. If you don’t want to download the music, please check me out on Soundcloud, at

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  1. #601: Jesus Loves a Captive Audience

    Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker. Jesus Loves a Captive Audience. Don gives a simple explanation for why Christianity is most often spread to people who can’t easily escape.

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  2. Jesus: his religion or about him

    The message of Jesus has been filtered down to us through Christianity. But is this what Jesus originally taught?

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  3. Mondo Diablo Episode 316: Jesus was a Buddhist Monk?

    This one’s from a BBC documentary about the possible alternative scenarios to Jesus Christ’s reanimation from the dead. Pretty credulous, but worth a listen!

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