Mondo Diablo Episode 363: Sick of Christmas

It’s Christmas again, and since I didn’t make that many posts this year, I owe you the worst podcast possible. And this is it. Are you sick of Christmas? I might be, but I’m too darn busy to think about it.

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  1. Stuff You Missed in History Class

    The Christmas Truce — During the first Christmas of World War I, British and German soldiers laid down their weapons and celebrated the holiday together. They sang carols, traded insignia and buried their dead. How did the truce start, and why didn’t it happen again?

    —Huffduffed by TrentVich 2 years ago

  2. Lounge Act - Daniel Martin Moore - Christmas Set


    In this set, Daniel is joined by Dan Dorff on keys and Aaron Jacobs on upright bass while they perform a set of holiday classics.

    (Because of publishing rights, we cannot legally offer this session up for free download but we will be posting a streaming archive link soon. Also, the tracks will be featured on the WOXY Holiday Mixer and we’ll re-air the full session a few times over the holiday season.)

    —Huffduffed by dmenninger 5 years ago

  3. How much for the 12 Days of Christmas? | Marketplace From American Public Media

    ‘Thinking of gifting someone "The 12 Days of Christmas" this year? Well you better be well-off. Sean Cole investigates the true price of the song.’

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