Mondo Diablo Episode 359: Super Spooky Stories

Prepare to be chilled and thrilled by three children’s Halloween records.

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  1. Halloween Listening: A Moan, a Post, and a Little Bell

    Each of these represents a spooky true story to tell on Halloween … With Halloween falling on Saturday, the 31st of this month, I’m reminded once again of how New Englanders have always seemed a little preoccupied with old cemeteries.

    From Jud’s New England Journal (

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  2. Untimely Spooky - Pre-Recorded Late Night

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  3. Halloween Listening: The Bowery Boys - Haunted Tales of New York - Urban Phantoms

    It’s time for our third annual ‘ghost stories’ episode, our mix of historical facts and spooky legends from the annals of New York’s past.

    For this round of scary tales, we visit a famous 19th century townhouse haunted by a lonely spinster, a West Village speakeasy with some guests who still haven’t gone home, and the site of a former restaurant that might be possessed with the spirit of a famous folk singer.

    ALSO: we go back all the way to New Amsterdam for an old legend involving Peter Stuyvesant, a turbulent river, and the Devil himself! (

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