Hellbound Alleee Show 140: Jury Duty

Francois and I return after 13 months to relate a story about my almost serving on a Federal Immigration case, and Francois pontificates.

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  1. High Court Leaves Core Of Immigration Law Intact : NPR

    The Supreme Court issued a mixed decision Monday on Arizona’s controversial immigration law, Senate Bill 1070. While the court struck down most of the law, it let stand the provision requiring law enforcement to check the immigration status of those they detain.


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  2. Radio Diaries » Blog Archive » Matthew and the Judge: Juvenile Court Diary

    We gave both Judge Jeremiah, a Rhode Island juvenile court judge, and Matthew, a 16-year-old repeat offender, tape recorders. Judge Jeremiah released Matthew early, for good behavior. Two weeks later, Matthew was arrested again for selling drugs. Through their diaries, Matthew and the judge tell the same story from two different sides of the bench.


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  3. How Will The Immigration Case Affect Other States? : NPR

    Now that the Supreme Court has struck down most of Arizona’s immigration law, lawmakers in Alabama are trying to determine what the ruling means for people there. Alabama’s immigration law is seen to be even stricter than Arizona’s law.


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