Mondo Diablo Episode 372: Blown For Good

I’ve been knee-deep in the CONtrovery of Scientology lately, as it seems I’m mired in the False Slack of casual video games. You know, the stuff meant for middle-aged ladies like myself. I mostly like hidden-object mysteries, but I’m sort of in love with the casual mindlessness of Time-Management, Build-a-Village kind of games. Anyway, I listen to tons of videos and interviews about Scientology, and I feel like I’m almost an expert. For example, I know for a fact that I’m PTS and downstat. That means I’m sick, and someone in my life is responsible. To quote Lieutenant Harper in Plan 9 from Outer Space, "Somebody is responsible!"

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  1. Anonymous: Just for the lulz? - RN 360 - 30 July 2011

    ‘Anonymous’ is an online community known for their cyber attacks against The Church of Scientology, government and corporate websites. Anyone can be a member but nobody has the right to speak publicly about what they do. There are no rules, no leaders, no rights or wrongs… Or are there? In this documentary Gabriella Lahti tries to reach the bottom of the anonymous rabbit hole, discovering; a whole new internet culture, people with strong political opinions and an interesting sense of humour in everything they do. What is Anonymous really all about… and what do they want?

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  2. Mondo Diablo Episode 237: I Want My Money Back

    Leaving Scientology is not very easy. It’s like leaving the CIA. Scientology apparently has secrets it doesn’t want anyone to know about. Suddenly, when Scientology is concerned about secrets (and refunds), it’s a business that sells products. The rest of the time, it’s a sacred holy Church. And you’d better not say it’s a business with product, because then they’ll sue—not like they won’t sue for thinking about Scientology in the presence of others. Oh, and your old friends and family in the church will shun you—of "their own free will" of course.

    Listen to the even, calm and collected Scientologists, and the hysterical non-scientologist. until someone mentions the Fucking Insane, Bipolar, Needs-anti-psychotic-drugs-badly COB, the Chokes-His-"Fellow-Parishoners"-More-than-Homer-Chokes-Bart himself, David Miscavige. Calm down. Larry! (Don’t you love it when someone tells you to "calm down," when you yourself feel pretty calm? A sure way to light a fire, and most likely in a Tech somewhere.)

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  3. NPP111: Gabriella Coleman über Anonymous

    Der Netzpolitik-Podcast Folge 111 ist ein rund 40 Minuten langes Gespräch mit der US-Anthropologin Gabriella Coleman, die sich auf die Erforschung von Hacker-Communities spezialisiert hat. In diesem Podcast sprechen wir über das Phänomen Anonymous mit seinen vielfältigen Ausprägungen und darüber, inwiefern sich damit eine neue Form von politischem Aktivismus entwickelt.

    00:23 Vorstellung 02:40 Was ist/sind Anonymous? – Ursprung – Veränderung im Selbstverständnis – Guy Fawkes Symbolik, Memes 07:18 Scientology vs Anonymous – Tom Cruise Video – politische Transformierung, Anonymous lernt Öffentlichkeitsarbeit – Anstoss einer andauernden Protestbewegung 12:41 Anonymous 2008-2010 – MPAA DDos gegen Piratebay – Operation Payback – Wikileaks und Attacken auf Paypal und Co. 16:50 DDos Software Loic – Festnahmen 18:50 Argumente für/gegen DDos als Protest 22:14 Rechtliche Perspektive: Botnet Attacken vs Loic DDos Attacken 24:00 Hacker Ethics und DDos 27:00 Die Strukturen innerhalb Anonymous – Reputationssystem – IRC als Medium 31:20 Popkultureller Einfluss auf Anonymous – Anonymous PR-Neigung 32:40 Wie kommt es zur Entstehung von Lulzsec? 35:30 Luzsec Ende und weitere Gruppierung 37:14 Zukuntsperspektive: Was passiert mit Anonymous?

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