Mondo Diablo Episode 235: Predictions for the Amazing Year 2010

Praise "Bob!" Here are my predictions for the AMAZING year 2010, as well as some vague guesses about WWIII and Armageddon from some YouTube Yahoo.

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  1. Mondo Diablo Episode 295: Tripping Housewives

    This week, our entertainment comes from The Daily Mail Tabloid, and a video on the entry, seen here:

    Be sure to listen to kaos Radio Austin’s Stream of Slack. Stream this here url: They’ve streamed my recent Subgenius episode, so keep one ear open. You’ll also hear Hour of Slack and other Subgenii materials.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 3 years ago

  2. Hour of Slack #1206 — Wallowing with “Bob”

    Praise "Bob," for here we have a truly all-purpose, no-theme/all-themes salad of SubGenius sources. We’ve been in reruns or live shows for so long that quite a nice stack of short clips by beloved Church of the SubGenius Audio Soldiers has piled up. This episode scavenges from Radio Synesthesia (Cleveland) and Puzzling Evidence (Berkeley), with collages from our favorite insane clip editors keeping the two SubGenius shows far enough apart that they won’t squabble and get into fights. One solitary oldie, a gospel song by Rev. Onan Canobite, is the sole anchor to familiarity.

    —Huffduffed by norelpref 4 years ago

  3. Hour of Slack #1231 - SubGenius Pledge Drive

    Every year, the great Cleveland station WCSB has a pledge drive or "Radiothon," and we at Hour of Slack love this one single time each year, when we are able to legally grub for money just like regular Christian evangelists. You see, the stations that carry Hour of Slack are all public-supported and thus we can’t exactly advertise. Even during pledge drives, we can only grub money for the station. And boy, do we! Because this episode may be aired by other stations, and because the WCSB pledge drive is already over, we have reversed or cut the Cleveland phone number for pledges from these copies. But, if you want to pledge, the phone number is: 216-687-6900. Or, you can always mail or Paypal your pledge to, aka SubGenius, PO Box 181417, Cleveland Hts OH 44118. Or (and this is probably easiest) just buy something from Praise "Bob."

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