Savage Love Episode 168


You’ve heard of sleepwalking… but sleepspanking? A fat man with toxic insecurity begs Dan to help him get some game. A man recently diagnosed with ALS wonders if he should seek out a relationship knowing he’ll soon be gone. This one’s rough.

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    Did you hear the news? Science approves of porn! How many dating sites can your boyfriend be an active member of before you have the right to get pissed? And from coming out to bedbugs: the complete lesbian experience.

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  2. Savage Love Episode 170


    Her cousin’s boyfriend is locked away in prison. If the cousin slept with someone else while she waited it out, would that make her a skank-ass ho? A man who was abused as a child discovers that his lover wants to be the dominant in a BDSM relationship. Should he end it now? As a former waiter, Dan explains the proper etiquette for hitting on servers.

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    Will Dan Savage lose his job to 18-year-old Damian? Damian’s classmates voted him most likely to replace Dan Savage. Hear Dan go mano a mano with a Twittering snot-nosed teenager.

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