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  1. The Web Ahead #74: HTML Semantics with Bruce Lawson

    HTML5 brought more semantic elements to HTML. How’s that going? Why should developers use semantic HTML? Accessibility, ARIA roles, microformats, microdata, RDFa, web components, and more.

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  2. Progressive Enhancement « Episodes « EE Podcast

    Aaron Gustafson, author of Adaptive Web Design, joins us to discuss progressive enhancement. From content and semantic markup, to CSS, JavaScript and accessibility enhancements, we discuss the benefits of a “layered” development approach.

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  3. Accessibility with HTML 5 and WAI ARIA

    By Steve Faulkner at the Accessibility 2.0 conference in London, 2009.


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  4. FSCast Episode 26, January 2009

    Freedom Scientific’s Chief Technical Officer Glen Gordon explains ARIA and its benefits. Jonathan Mosen then demonstrates some applications with ARIA enabled for improved accessibility.


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