Tea at the Savoy in London, recorded by mythalatte

A glimpse into another world…

one of mythalatte’s many contributions to the UK SoundMap

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  1. Material: Ancient Horses; Uncertainty; Cutlery and Taste

    How 700 000 year old horse DNA could change the way scientists study evolution; why scientists are seldom certain of their findings and how cutlery changes the taste of food.

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  2. A Man And His Piano | The Story

    The story of Dotan Negrin, who’s traveling and playing his upright piano in New York City, New Orleans, San Antonio, and all the way to Panama.


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  3. The Piano Van Recordings - David Weinberg / Random Tape

    Chris Stroffolino plays some tunes from inside the World Famous Piano Van.

    This is a companion episode to a story I produced for Episode 7 of The Organist.

    see the van in action at www.pianovan.com



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