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  1. Simon Schama’s World View

    Simon Schama is a brilliant thinker and writer on a very wide palette of human affairs. Revolutions: French and Egyptian. Leaders: from Churchill to Obama. Art: from Dutch masters and Rubens to Martin Scorcese and Richard Avedon. Life: from ocean crossings to the joys of ice cream.

    He’s a scholar, historian, big-picture narrator — and a free-thinker who can link the far flung pieces of what has been and what is right now. With everything going on today, we could use that voice, that mind.

    This hour On Point: a conversation on a world in turmoil with Simon Schama.

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  2. OSI Forum: Citizen Journalism in Recent Crises

    The Open Society Fellowship program presented a discussion with fellow Evgeny Morozov on citizen journalism in emergency situations. The conversation focused on coverage of the recent crises in South Ossetia, Mumbai, and Kenya.

    For background on this topic, please see Morozov’s recent article on the shortcomings of citizen journalism in the South Ossetian crisis: "Citizen War-Reporter? The Caucasus Test" (Open

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  3. New Media Models

    Host: DLD Location: Munich, Germany Event Date: 01.26.09 Speakers: J. Michael Arrington, Tyler Brule, Jeff Jarvis, Carolyn McCall, Jochen Wegner

    Panelists Jeff Jarvis (Buzzmachine), Carolyn McCall (Guardian), Michael Arrington (TechCrunch), and Tyler Brule (Monocle) discuss the evolving world of online publication, debating whether or not print media can survive in this era of digital media.

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  4. The Wire’s David Simon - KQED’s Forum

    "The Wire" creator David Simon calls his critically acclaimed HBO series "a political tract masquerading as a cop show." In this political year, we talk with Simon about the presidential election, the state of journalism and the war on drugs — as well as about his recent HBO miniseries on Marines in Iraq, "Generation Kill." Simon is also author of books including "Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets" which inspired the Emmy Award-winning television program of the same name. He is currently writer in residence at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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