Carnacki - The Gateway Of the Monster - William Hope Hodgson

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  2. PodCastle 125: The Whistling Room

    Featuring Carnacki, the Ghost Finder

    by William Hope Hodgson

    Read by Paul S. Jenkins

    “‘The whistling started about ten o’clock, on the second night, as Ibsaid. Tom and I were in the library, when we heard an awfully queer whistling, coming along the East Corridor–The room is in the East Wing, you know.

    “‘That’s that blessed ghost!’ I said to Tom, and we collared the lamps off the table, and went up to have a look. I tell you, even as we dug along the corridor, it took me a bit in the throat, it was so beastly queer. It was a sort of tune, in a way; but more as if a devil or some rotten thing were laughing at you, and going to get ’round at your back. That’s how it makes you feel.

    “‘When we got to the door, we didn’t wait; but rushed it open; and then I tell you the sound of the thing fairly hit me in the face. Tom said he got it the same way–sort of felt stunned and bewildered. We looked all ’round, and soon got so nervous, we just cleared out, and I locked the door.

    Rated PG: For Things That Whistle in the Night (

    Featured as a podcast highlight in Episode 137 of Forgotten Classics (

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