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My name is Jan-Yves, when I’m not doing chemistry or geeking out about fonts and food, I’m writing at my website, which is www.1klb.com.

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  1. CMD SPACE - 001 - I’m Yelling At Me, With Merlin Mann


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  2. RadioLab

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  3. Systematic 1

    Huffduffed from http://5by5.tv/systematic/1

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  4. MPU 91 - Workflows with Merlin Mann III

    Huffduffed from http://5by5.tv/mpu/91

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  5. The Ihnatko Almanac

    Huffduffed from http://5by5.tv/ia/24

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  6. Ruby Rogues 033: Eloquent Ruby

    Huffduffed from http://rubyrogues.com/033-rr-book-club-eloquent-ruby/

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  7. 032 RR Ruby Antipatterns

    Huffduffed from http://rubyrogues.com/032-rr-ruby-antipatterns/

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  8. Creatiplicity Ep 14 - The Purge

    Shawn and I were guest-less this week and discuss a range of topics, from iMacs vs Macbook Airs and digital storage needs to creative spaces and attention-freeing activities, as well as Shawn’s doodles.

    Show notes Shawn’s doodles Chris’ new reading spot The dilemma Chris faces. Shawn’s new coffee roaster

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  9. MPU 057: Power Text Editing

    Huffduffed from http://macpowerusers.com/2011/09/mpu-057-power-text-editing/

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  10. MPU 35: Money Managers

    Huffduffed from http://5by5.tv/mpu/35

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