NPR: Libraries Make Room For High-Tech Hackerspaces

As information becomes more digital, public libraries are striving to redefine their roles. A small number are working to create "hackerspaces," where do-it-yourselfers share sophisticated tools and their expertise.

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  1. Libraries Make Room For High-Tech ‘Hackerspaces’

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  2. Libraries Make Room For High-Tech ‘Hackerspaces’ : NPR

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  3. The Future of Libraries

    Despite the growth of e-readers and digital technology, New Yorkers are spending more time in libraries than ever.

    That’s according to a new report out today from the Center for an Urban Future about the changing role of our city’s public libraries in the digital age.

    This week on WNYC’s New Tech City, host Manoush Zomorodi delves into the topic and finds the contemporary library is about more than just digitizing documents and lending e-books to patrons on their Kindles and iPads.

    The Brooklyn Public Library and the New York Public Library are even undergoing renovations of their physical buildings that will help them better cater to a 21st century clientele.

    Plus, a visit to the New York Public Library Labs: a small department where developers and designers work closely with the library’s curators to turn documents, like maps and menus, into a new kind of searchable collection for the internet.

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