Outriders 15/02/2011: Histories, stories and current tales

Hello Outriders,

We had a busy week on the Outriders podcast - so much so, that three of us put it together.

First up Andrew Back has been to a meeting of the Open Source Hardware User Group. He caught up with people who were speaking at the event which looked at education and was based at the BBC this time. Creators of the Domesday Project, BBC Computer Literacy and Arduino described how we can learn from past experience when it comes to matching technologies with teaching.

Following this, Mark Spoffoth of newly app-launched LoveFresh made us all hungry by talking about his obsession with fresh food and relationships with producers. Do you know where you can get produce from a farmer locally? LoveFresh may be able to help.

Friend of Outriders, Joseph Tame returns to us - this time with a new challenge. You may recall that last time he was headed up Mount Fuji with plans to live stream the experience via his phones. This time - he’s taking us all with him online as he takes on the Tokyo Marathon. Slightly mad, I’m sure you will agree - but the sort of mad that we love on Outriders. Last but never least Original Outrider Chris Vallance also joined us this week, he’s been chatting to author Nick Harkaway - creator of the City of Urm. If you can imagine a place made up of the tweets of different writers - you’d be heading in the right direction to find others who inhabit this fantastic city.

Remember, if there is a site that you would like to know more about, or if you are making something cool related to the web, then do let us know. You can email me at Outriders at bbc dot co dot uk, send a tweet on Twitter or search for Outriders on Facebook and catch up with the updates in your newsfeed.

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